Personal Injury Law

Change is constant and inevitable, but a detrimental life-changing event is generally not expected, nor provided for. Unfortunately the majority of these life—changing events arise from incidents where the said person experiences severe physical injuries and emotional shock. Examples of these incidents include medical malpractice, a severe motor vehicle accident or being attacked by a domesticated animal such as a dog. 

These damage causing incidents often have serious and long terms effects on a person’s personal quality of life, as well as that person’s immediate family. There is also often a massive future financial burden that the affected person has to carry, as a result of the damages suffered and the future medical treatment that is often required for extended periods thereafter.

Unfortunately most affected people are unaware of the fact that they may be entitled to financial compensation for the damages suffered, or feel that they don’t have the resources to take on a powerful public or private institution in order to hold it accountable for its wrongdoing, which by implication, denies them of their right of access to justice.

If you have been the victim of a damage causing incident and are seeking redress against the wrongdoer, please contact us with your query. We, in turn, will advise you of your rights in the circumstances, as well as what possible steps may be taken to ensure that justice prevails.  

Commercial and Corporate Law

In the business world, strategic decision-making in respect of a broad scope of corporate governance issues, operational issues and transactions need to be made on a daily basis.

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Construction and Engineering Law

The legal aspects of construction and engineering projects are quite often complex to navigate. Our team will assist you in identifying and mitigating your potential risks throughout the entire project lifecycle.

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Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Whether you are a commercial concern or an individual, the art of manoeuvring through life and its challenges or the world of business is much like a game of chess where conflict is bound to arise.

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