Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Whether you are a commercial concern or an individual, the art of maneuvering through the world of business or life and the challenges that present themselves, you will at some point encounter disagreements with the potential to manifest into adversarial disputes.    Whether the dispute that has arisen relates to or arises out of either contractual agreements, a decision taken by a government authority or a situation where someone has, either intentionally or negligently, harmed you financially in some way, is not of importance.   What is of importance in those circumstances, however, is that you receive strategic, practical and objective advice on what your legal rights are and what the best way forward is.   

In assisting you to navigate through the adversarial disputes that have arisen or are yet arise, we are able to offer the following dispute resolution and civil litigation services:

  • Strategic pre-litigation / arbitration advice on the prospects of success;

  • Alternative dispute resolution proceedings such as settlement negotiation and/or formal mediation;

  • The institution and defending of civil and commercial litigation proceedings within the relevant courts of first instance (i.e. the various Magistrates and High Court jurisdictions), across the Republic of South Africa;

  • The institution and defending of appeal proceedings within the various Appeal Courts (i.e. the various High Court jurisdictions, Supreme Court of Appeal and Constitutional Court);

  • The institution and defending of arbitration proceedings within the Republic of South Africa and within the greater SADC region (with the assistance of the relevant local correspondent attorneys);

  • Post-litigation award enforcement / enforcement of arbitration awards.   

Commercial and Corporate Law

In the business world, strategic decision-making in respect of a broad scope of corporate governance issues, operational issues and transactions need to be made on a daily basis.

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Construction and Engineering Law

The legal aspects of construction and engineering projects are quite often complex to navigate. Our team will assist you in identifying and mitigating your potential risks throughout the entire project lifecycle.

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Injury Law

Severe physical injuries and resultant emotional shock have a tremendous impact on an affected person’s quality of life and the lives of his or her immediate family.

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