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Life After Lockdown: is your business ready to tackle the legal issues that have arisen and will arise within the coming weeks and months ?

Pursuant to the announcement and subsequent implementation of the “National Lockdown” in terms of the Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002, Michael Herbst Attorneys (“MBH Law”) has received a number of enquiries from concerned business executives and SME business owners over the past few weeks, all of whom have been seeking guidance on similar commercial operational issues in relation to the immediate effect of the lockdown as well as the strategic decisions that they will need to make within the coming weeks and months.

During the course of the said enquiries and the subsequent discussions that have ensued, it has become apparent that many businesses are in dire need of advice on the following aspects of their commercial operations: –

  • how to deal with partial or non-performance in terms their existing contractual relationships with suppliers, customers and/or landlords (where applicable);
  • how to amend their current contracts for future dealings with their suppliers and customers for the foreseeable future;
  • how to deal with their debtors to ensure that they can boost their current cashflow; and
  • the internal policies and/or workplace procedures to be implemented as their employees return to work.

MBH Law is here to assist companies identify and mitigate potential legal risks through conducting basic legal risk reviews on the above mentioned aspects. In these turbulent times, the importance of having a trusted legal partner in your corner should not be underestimated as many legal issues shall arise within the coming weeks and months. With competitive billing rates and/or fixed outcome-based fee agreements available, MBH Law is perfectly placed to be your strategic legal partner.

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